Soul Medicine

Ceremony of sound, song and drum

We all come from root systems and lineages that sang, danced, drummed and held ceremony for land, sea, sky, animal, and human. This rich ancestral tapestry has been here with you, with all of us, this whole time. Deep within the bones of our bodies live the echoes of the ceremonies, songs and stories that were shared long ago around fires, sat with our community in circles.

We are witnessing a reemergence of the animate and shamanic traditions that can be seen through cave paintings long before a written word was scribed.

An animate vision sees all of life as alive, ensouled and spirited, respecting a web in which we are all have a place of belonging.

The space we will share together might involve power restoration, nature communications, ceremony with dance and song, working with the elements as an elemental being yourself, ancestral healing and reconnecting with the wild animal within through journeying with voice and movement.

Soul medicine sessions are guided and initiated by your intentions, with a sense of what is calling for your attention, these are not the same as psychotherapy sessions. If more consistent therapeutic holding is needed we can explore what might feel most supportive for you.


In-person sessions only


£95 1 hour 30 minute session