Discovery call

I offer a free 20 minute Zoom discovery call, this gives us a chance to say hello and talk through what your therapeutic intentions are for the space. From there we can look to get an initial session booked in, this will give you more insight into how I work and how it feels to be in a space together. I will then send you a copy of my therapeutic agreement to read over, complete and sign.

Initial session

I see the first session as an arrival point, time for you to begin to get to know the space that I work from and to get a lived, felt experience of being in a room together.

All spaces that I hold are held by the wisdoms discovered in and through relationship, somatic experiences, heart revelations and parts work. There are no set assessments, protocols or paperwork to complete in a first session, although sometimes I might keep some notes.

If you are having EMDR sessions, I will email you with more information after the first session as I do use a screening questionnaire prior to starting any reprocessing work.

If you would like to know more or wish to arrange a discovery call please email me at;

[email protected]