The Mentoring way

Support and collaboration

‘We hold in the places, we weren’t held’ Ruella Frank

These sessions are for therapeutic practitioners and those working in care giving roles, to name a few; Yoga teachers, Counsellors, Bodyworkers, Therapists, Holistic practitioners, Nurses, Doctors, Carers and any trainees in the therapeutic fields, this is a space for healers to find their own healing.

Compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma can be common experiences for practitioners when holding space for others and working so closely with people who have experienced trauma themselves. So often in training self-care is spoken about briefly and for many people their desire to help others overrides their need to deeply take care of themselves.

These sessions might help to support those of you that are experiencing a fullness, trauma symptoms, a lacking of work/life balance, apathy or a loss of empathy, compassion or connection to your work and people that you hold space for. Compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma can sometimes go unnoticed and many people keep pushing through, this is a space to not push through, instead it will give you time to tend to what needs to be tended to within yourself.

It might also offer you a space to process and nurture the wounded healer within you. Personal development sessions will be body informed much like the other sessions that I offer, however, these sessions can be booked on an ad hoc basis, this is guided by you. I trust in your knowing of what you need as a practitioner.

These sessions are for you if you need a space to recharge, reconnect and process without a formal setting such as supervision or reflective practice.

Amongst the availability I have, I do offer sunrise sessions between 7am and 9am to those that work, so that you can attend a session before your work day begins, I am mindful that in these sessions you may need more time before the end dedicated to resourcing and grounding, in preparation for your working day ahead, this will be guided by you and your needs.


Online and In-person sessions are available from 9am until 4pm each week Monday- Wednesday


£65 1 hour session

£80 1 hour 15 minute session

£95 1 hour 30 minute session