Soul-Full Sunday

Soul-full Sundays were created out of a calling for rest, community and consciously taking the time to nurture and restore. Nature does this so rhythmically throughout the seasons, we see energy levels transform as we watch spring, summer, autumn and winter unfold before us. What about your own personal season. Are you in the depths of winter, the peak of summer, the blossoming of spring, perhaps the transformation of autumn. What are your needs within the season you are experiencing?
This is a closed intimate experiential group with a maximum of 8 participants that runs over a 4 month period, one Sunday morning a month.

We will gather together in a circle, time will be spent sharing and reflecting, lighting candles and wish making, moving and being, vision journeys and creative process, we will finish with a Yoga Nidra and gentle movement.

Alongside working with the seasons, we will work closely with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, this will be about you forming and deepening your own relationship with the elements and seasons, externally and internally.
This circle invites you to both step inward and offer yourself tenderness, rest and soulful listening while also stepping outward into the group offering your presence, embodied listening and gentle reflections.

Sunday mornings 9.30am – 12.30pm


Coming into being in 2024…


Soul-Full Sunday sessions a cycle of 4: £200